Beliefs aren’t just sentences on paper. They determine how we think, how we live, how we relate to our friends and even our enemies.

God makes it clear in the Bible that it’s very important we examine our beliefs and make sure they line up with His truth. Below is a summary of what we believe and teach at Cornerstone South Bay. For a more detailed look at our doctrine, read our Statement of Faith.

  • The Bible

    More than just a book, or even a collection of books, the Bible is God’s spoken word to us. Because its author is God Himself, it is completely trustworthy, never failing us with mistakes or bad advice, and tells us all we need in order to know God and live well before Him.

  • God

    God is eternal, all-powerful, all knowing, and much, much bigger than us. In one of the most incredible mysteries in the universe, there is one God who exists in three equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s from that relationship that we learn about true love, community, and joy.

  • Jesus Christ

    Jesus was born from a virgin named Mary a little over two thousand years ago, and he was both fully God and fully man. He lived his whole life without sinning once, but died to take our place and pay the punishment that all of our sins deserve. He rose from the grave three days later and is now with God in Heaven, waiting for the perfect time to come back and make a new heaven and new earth.

  • The Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit teaches us, opens our heart to understand the Bible, gives us faith, prays to God for us when we don’t know what to say, and lives inside of believers to assure them that God is going to finish what He started. When you become a believer, you are filled with the Spirit, and from that point on He continues to produce holiness in your life. In addition, the Holy Spirit gives gifts to each believer so that they can uniquely build up their local church.

  • Salvation

    Humans are born bad, they live bad, and they have no intention of getting better on the inside. Because they are accountable to a perfect God, they face eternal punishment. But if anyone turns away from their sin and accepts that Christ has taken the punishment they deserve by dying on the cross, God puts the Holy Spirit inside of them and makes them a whole new person.

  • Eternal Life

    People who believe in Jesus can look forward to an unimaginably good life in Heaven with God and other believers. In fact, for believers that life starts now-with the Holy Spirit inside of us we can begin to taste what a life with God is like. But no matter what someone believes, one day everyone will be raised from the dead and judged by God: those who believe will go with Him forever, & those who do not will be given over to eternal conscious torment in Hell.